You’ve reached this website because we think you’re a business owner with entrepreneurial spirit, and have invited you to our next event.

It can be lonely running a business, and sometimes it’s good to talk to people that understand the challenges you face, from staffing to cash flow.


The team:

Roger Bibby
(Corporate Finance)
Mark Pelopida
(Commercial Lawyer)
Paul Laird
(Chartered Accountant)
Brian Page
(Wealth Management)
Roger Bibby
(Marketing Strategist)


The next events

Tuesday 13th March 2018:
Brian Page of Ergo Wealth Management on Pensions: When is Enough, Enough?

Tuesday 19th June 2018:
Paul Laird of Fish Partnership on Sales Mix Profitability

Tuesday 2nd October 2018:
Mark Pelopida of Machins Solicitors LLP and Roger Bibby of Acovet Investments on Exit Strategy & Legal Housekeeping

Tuesday 4th December 2018:
Mark Williams of Sales Mind on The Sales Mindset

at The Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield,
HP9 1LX. For a location map,
click here.

Please call Roger or
email Abi to confirm your place for this event.

What’s Mercator?
We’re an exclusive business club where attendees are there by invitation only. This means that the micro business owners, or the typical networking event hawkers don’t make it through our screening process!

The entrepreneurs that benefit the most from coming along are typically running a business that has £500k+ turnover. They like the fact that they can talk openly to like-minded individuals, but most importantly, seek advice from Mercator on matters relating to law, accountancy, finance, and marketing.

Please call Roger on 07748 252691 or click on the button below...


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